IOX is an innovative ICT company based in Mauritius which aims to connect India, Africa, South East Asia and Europe to Indian Ocean islands and provide high speed and low latency network access to enhance businesses in these geographies and across industries. IOX focuses on enabling connectivity and underlying Value-Added Telecom Services.


Our services are designed with the latest technology while catering for the needs of the customers


We understand that our customers are different, and we align to their dynamic requirements

Can do

We demonstrate a can-do attitude and excel the expectations of our customers

Easy to Work With

Our team is available to give you the best experience. The services and operations are simple processes with ease of use



Full Portfolio

We deliver all network services and solutions suitable for your business needs


Global Reach

Our network footprint covers Asia, Africa and Europe


Service Quality

We value quality and our services are delivered from professionals in the industry



We believe in stewardship and extend our continuous support to our customers


As an increasing number of nations in Africa and South Asia begin to recognize the potential for powerful economic and social benefits of connecting to the wave of digital transformation, IOX recognizes it as a strategic opportunity for market penetration and development, hence creating a portfolio of services to meet these dynamic requirements.



The idea of a new cable from Mauritius is germinated with Arunachalam at the helm



IOX has been set up to build the third submarine cable from Mauritius with plans to extend it to South Africa and India



Rapid growth of the team to start the project



Building the submarine cable system and getting products and services live as well as acquiring anchor customers



Project GO LIVE! Operational services and rapid customer acquisition



Project moves to Phase 2. Geographical expansion of Network, Products and Services


IOX will continue to expand Network and Services and acquire new markets and customers


Arunachalam Kandasamy
Arunachalam Kandasamy
Founder & CEO
Arunachalam Kandasamy is the Founder & CEO of Indian Ocean Xchange and a member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors. He was previously...
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Dave Marie
Dave Marie
Chief Technology Officer
With over 23 years within the Submarine Telecom Industry, Dave has held senior Engineering and Management roles within major global...
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Anup Gupta
Anup Gupta
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Anup has seasoned and versatile experience of more than 17 years in the Global Telecom business, spanning Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe...
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PVS Prasad
PVS Prasad
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer PVS Prasad joined IOX in 2017 as Chief Operations Officer. He is responsible for Operation, Transformation and business development...
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Soheila Askari
Soheila Askari
Chief Commercial Officer
Soheila Askari joined IOX in 2016 as Chief Commercial Officer. She is responsible for commercial strategy and the development of the organization...
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Anil V. Anthony
Anil V. Anthony
Chief Legal Officer
Anil Anthony joined IOX in 2016 and serves as IOX’s Chief Legal Officer. He is responsible for providing strategic direction and guidance to the...
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PSK Gupta
PSK Gupta
Head of Network Engineering
PSK Gupta joined IOX as Head-Network Engineering. He has 20 years of experience in Telecommunications in various fields...
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Christophe Albert
Christophe Albert
Head of Facilities
Christophe is a citizen of Mauritius with over 20 years’ experience in the planning, development and construction management of large...
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Gameel Sharaf
Gameel Sharaf
Head of Projects
Gameel has 25 years of experience in the telecom and subsea industry working for GMSL, FLAG, Telekom Malaysia and PCCW Global in various...
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